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Started my career at:

Production, research and development for the Colorstar densitometers.

Worked here with a lot of pleasure for 15 jears.

We started a new company Spectrostar to market the Spectrocam spectrofotometer


Worked on this product from idea to finished product! This was an exciting time.

After 2 years Spectrostar went bankrupt due to mismanagement and we continued developing the Spectrocam for Avantes.


Worked for 2 years for Avantes.

Developed the Avantes Avabenches and several light sources.

Continued developments for the Spectrocam.


Avantes home page


Then Avantes decided to close down the building in Amsterdam….that was the end of a career….


Or a start of something new?


First time I wrote a solicitation letter and started working for:

Dyped medical B.V.

 Research and development of endoscope disinfectant equipment.

Division of

After 2 years and 8 months (yes i've been counting the days) i resigned from this job!



Now i will try my luck at



Research and development of electronic displays



Now asked to come back in the medical business

I just can't say NO...


What’s next?